PacketPop: The game of popping bubbles.
A small multiplayer game, PacketPop was a rather random idea that just happened. At the start of 2020, things were occuring before the Covid outbreak that was causing stress even before the lockdowns. I had recalled the bubble pop games that used to be fairly common, and decided to recreate a version of those.
 The idea is to upend the regular single player versions that were found built through Flash and AS3. While PacketPop can be played single player, it is also a multiplayer game. You can play on your own, but others can also join in - with rooms that can hold up to ten players at a time. A PacketPop game can get rather aggressive when more then one player is online!
Built on the Phaser 3 HTML5 engine, and coded under Typescript with a Node.js server running in the background, PacketPop's systems are hosted under Heroku with AWS.


Packetpop One


Packetpop Two