Fuse Bead Simulator

Fuse Bead Simulator: An art tool built in Unity.


Fuse Bead Simulator is designed to recreate the feeling of playing with fuse beads, which are also known as perlers. It can create pixel art that can be used as a basis for creating bead patterns, and also allows for sharing those patterns with friends via special screenshots. Written as as Windows application, Fuse Bead Simulator is avaliable on Itch.io as an art tool, and the Itch.io page contains a WebGL demo version.


Built on the Unity engine, it has a bit of a retro look on purpose. While the primary release is currently Windows, it is designed through Unity to be exported to other systems as well.


Fuse Bead Simulator also spawned a secondary project, now known as "FuseEngine", which also runs within Unity.

Fuse Bead Simulator on Itch.io


Fuse Bead Sim One