- An interactive Twitch icon display system

Chromamoji is a streaming tool that displays uploaded icons chosen by the user. It was primarily designed to be used on Twitch, however through OBS, it is usable on multiple other platforms. Users create a sprite sheet by uploading their stream emotes as icons, or other alternative designs as needed. Multiple sprite sheets can be created, and assigned to animations.


Chromamoji One


Starting as a simple game animation, at a request it grew into a small tool that could display multiple emotes. From there, it developed further. After a year of use, it gained a full UI and website around it, and turned into the Stream Animation software that it currently is.

Chromamoji Two

The site's client runs on Angular, starting from Angular 4 and progressing as it has been updated. It also uses to display, running the Phaser 2 Game Engine for HTML5 Canvas.